It's been a few months since I sent out an update ... and for good reason. Our team has been very busy on some BIG updates to PageProofer. We love getting feedback from you and we listen. This set of updates is full of user requested features. I feel like Santa Claus in June delivering all these goodies.

🔥 A new user interface

The main user interface has been completely updated. A new two tier side bar makes navigation simple and fast. The dashboard has been revamped to make managing tasks easier. Pages with lists of items like sites and users now include a search bar to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Every page has been reworked to make it easier for you to use PageProofer.

👍 New statuses

There are two new note statuses to help make managing tasks easier: Backlog and In Review. Issues that can be dealt with at a later time can be assigned to the Backlog list. To help make workflow easier while dealing with tasks, the 'In Review' status sits between 'In Progress' and 'Complete' so you can keep your working list clutter free.

🔍 Improved filters

You can now filter notes with multiple options to see only the notes you want (ie. In Progress and In Review) and you can select options from different filter groups (ie. Status: In Progress, Priority: High, Assigned To: You).

😀 Site management

A lot of teams use PageProofer for 10, 20, even 100's of websites. You can mark sites as 'favorite' and then show only your favorite sites in the main project view. We even remember the last filtering option you applied so when you come back things are right where you left them.

But wait, there's more 🎁

  • Faster loading times
  • Quicker screen captures
  • Reactive dashboard that updates immediately as tasks are updated
  • Bulk update actions in the dashboard
  • Easier account switching
  • Mobile friendly layouts
  • Drag open notes in the overlay to see what is under them
  • Plus lots of other little improvements

🙏 Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions about how to improve PageProofer. Your input is helping us make the best website feedback tool available. Let me know what you think of the updates and help us spread the word about PageProofer by sharing our link on Twitter (or any other social media you use).

Derrick Grigg, Founder

Help Spread The Word

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