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October and November have been very busy for me. I have been hard at work on some very exciting new features in PageProofer to make working in teams even easier.

Screen recordings 🔥

Sometimes you need more than a note or a picture to clearly explain an issue. With video capture, you can record a video while interacting with a website. It will record what is happening on the screen and whatever you are saying to help explain the issue. This new feature is included in Studio, Team and Agency plans.

@ mentions

With @mentions you can instantly notify anyone on the project that something needs to be addressed. Mentions are included in all plans.

Tip 🤓

Roll over any icon in the toolbar or on a note to get a hint about what it can do.

Help Us Out

To help promote PageProofer I am launching the release of these two awesome new features on Product Hunt. If you would like to help spread the word, visit the ProductHunt page and give PageProofer an up vote.

Derrick Grigg, Founder

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