Another busy month for the PageProofer team. We tweaked a few features, added some exciting new features and have released a new unlimited plan.

New Features

  1. Customizable Feedback button - Change the 'Feedbak' button to spice it up 🌶️
  2. Overlay UI - Added a frame color and removed the background filter
  3. Custom branding/white labelling - Customize the logo and brand colors used in the app and overlay toolbar to match your brand.

New Unlimited Agency Plan

To better meet the needs of growing teams we have introduced a new Unlimited Agency plan. Unlimited sites, unlimited users, unlimited guests. The new plan also introduces a custom branding feature so you can tweak PageProofer to match your branding.

To make things easier when selecting a plan we now have 3 options:

  1. Freelancer - 5 users
  2. Team - 20 users
  3. Agency - Unlimited users

You can learn more about the features of each plan here.

All plans now offer the ability to add additional users for $5/user/month. For example, if you have the Freelancer plan and need to add 5 more users, you don't need to upgrade to the Team plan, you can simply add 5 users to your subscription.

All current plans and pricing remain in place. You current subscription price remains valid for as long as your subscription stays active.

If you have any suggestions for future features and enhancements, let us know.

Derrick Grigg, Founder

Help Spread The Word

We would love to see PageProofer used by more digital teams and agencies. If you want to help, give us a shout out on social media!

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