Hello 👋

I hope you had a relaxing summer.

We were able to get some downtime in before adding some exciting new features to PageProofer.

User Roles 🔥

With user roles you can determine who can see which feedback. Users can be assigned one of three different role types: Administrator, Member or Client. Learn more about user roles and user management.

Private content 🔒

With user roles you can now restrict who can see individual notes and comments. Enabling the lock on a note or comment restricts it to only Admins and Members, so your team can have a conversation on a note without your client seeing it.

Improved UI 🎉

We added some UI updates to make it easier to find users and sites and to quickly see if a note has a conversation happening.

Stay tuned 🤫

We have some exciting features planned to rollout over the next few months. If you have any suggestions of features or changes you would like to see, give us a shout.

Derrick Grigg, Founder

Help Spread The Word

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