Make it simple for your team and clients to leave feedback.

Share, comment and track in three clicks

Click the PageProofer logo to open the overlay
and then double click anywhere to add a note
You can assign a note to someone and set a priority
Browser and OS info is stored with the note
That was easy!
In three clicks feedback was added.

Stop flipping between browsers, spreadsheets and emails trying to keep track of feedback during website development. Leave feedback, alert people when something needs to get fixed and do it all in one place, on your website.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started.

"This is a really fantastic idea."
Ali @ Razorfish
"The feedback tool I've been looking for."
Pontus @ Befound
"I can't say enough about the service and will continue to tell others how great of a tool it is to designers and developers."
Megan @ BBDO
"PageProofer makes internally QAing our clients' websites easier, quicker, and more organized, direct integration with Basecamp means we don't have to manage another system."
Mike @ Chicago Digital
"PageProofer is a fantastic tool for our development toolbox. It eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and pdfs to track change requests, and gives us and our clients one simplified point for feedback creation, tracking, and sign-off."
Joe @ Atomicmouse

How much time does your team spend tracking bugs and giving feedback during website development?

Time is money. PageProofer can save you money by reducing the time spent logging, communicating and tracking feedback. No more hunting down lost emails. No more flipping between multiple documents and browser windows. Keep track of it all in a single place, right on the website.

How easily can your clients leave feedback about their website while your team designs and develops it?

Have you made it simple for them to leave their feedback? What if you could let them leave feedback in two mouse clicks? That's about as easy as it gets and that's all it takes with PageProofer.

How many different places does your team use to manage client feedback, track bugs and make change requests?

Spreadsheets, emails, documents, text messages, project management & collaboration tools, sticky notes. With PageProofer, feedback and bug tracking happen all in one place, right on your website. No more lost emails, no change requests falling through the cracks, no time wasted merging spreadsheet lists together.

What is your team using for project management?

PageProofer integrates with Asana, Basecamp and Trello. Every time you create a note or comment in PageProofer we will automatically create and update a todo item in the Asana, Basecamp or Trello project you choose.

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