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Find out how PageProofer has helped web developers, designers and SEO experts solve their feedback and bug tracking processes to build better websites.

“I cannot imagine managing all of our project edits without PageProofer”
quote from Sydney cooke Sydney @ GruffyGoat


A WordPress agency

How does a WordPress development agency building hundreds of websites per year use PageProofer to streamline their processes? I asked Sydney Cooke at GruffyGoat.

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“PageProofer made our QA and feedback process so much easier. It saves us a ton of time, and is very easy to use. Highly recommended.”
quote from Sandra ghaoui Sandra @ Market 8

Market 8

A UX design company

How does a growth optimization & UX design company use PageProofer to produce better results for their clients? We asked Sandra Ghaoui at Market 8.

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“Making PageProofer a part of our process has made our project process easier to document and hand off. Projects are more enjoyable to work on, and it has improved our profitability on web projects. A simple tool can make a big difference!”
quote from Mike sallander Mike @ Antenna

Chicago Digital

A full service marketing and design agency

How does a well known marketing agency, responsible for developing hundreds of websites, use PageProofer to streamline their processes. I asked Mike Sallander at Chicago Digital.

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“PageProofer has been essential for our SEO first website redesign process. We, literally, could not hit our current price points without the streamlined revisions process PageProofer gives us. I'd highly recommend it to any web developers or SEO companies.”
quote from Tyler kraus Tyler @ Conversion First Marketing

Conversion First Marketing

An SEO expert

How does an SEO expert use PageProofer to stay ahead of the competition? We asked Tyler at Conversion First Marketing a few questions about how his team is using PageProofer.

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“I just have to tell you how awesome PageProofer is. It has been a complete game-changer for me! It has streamlined my work tremendously.”
quote from Margaret fierstine Margaret @ Reliance

Reliance Editorial

A proof reading and copy editing agency

Why would a copy editor and proofreader need a visual feedback tool like PageProofer? We asked Margaret Fierstine, the owner of Reliance Editorial Services, to get her thoughts.

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