The easiest way to request changes, report bugs and track issues during website development.

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"We were using email, hand written notes, meeting recordings and screenshots. It was horribly inefficient and a significant time cost."

"The alternative is email hell or having really shoddy communication. I can trace just about every client problem I've ever had down to poor communication."

"I typically did screen shots and cobbled them together into a PDF and then marked them up using Acrobat."

  • Does your team use documents and spreadsheets to track issues?
  • Do you get emails from your client when they want a change on their website?
  • Are your developers wasting time figuring out which browser a bug happened in?
  • Do you have a process to easily collect design feedback from your clients?
  • Is your team tired of using a complicated bug tracking system?

We took the simplicity of a sticky note and applied it to websites.

Quickly add a note to any page, in any browser, from any type of device. Notes get attached to the specific element you clicked (great for responsive sites).

  • Works in any modern browser
  • Phone and tablet friendly, perfect for responsive websites
  • Add screenshots with a single click
  • Attach important files
  • Commenting on each note
  • Capture browser, device and OS details, great for debugging
  • Learn more about all the features

"I love the service, it has been a critical piece of our web dev success for the past several builds."

We took everything we have learned over 20 years of working with creative agencies and development teams to make PageProofer the feedback tool you would love to use. More importantly it's something your team and clients will love too. 

"Our clients love it. It makes the feedback process so much easier and saves a lot of time."
Sandra @ Market8
"I rarely finish a meeting without the client praising the PageProofer software."
Tyler @ Conversion First Marketing
"My web dev guys love your service - they call it a game changer. :-)"
Chenxi @ TwistLock

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