Case Study - Chicago Digital

March 9

How does a well known web agency, responsible for developing hundreds of websites, use PageProofer to streamline their processes?

I asked Mike Sallander at Chicago Digital how his team is using PageProofer. 

Before we get into the questions lets give a little info on Chicago Digital. Mike and his team have been building websites since 2009. Chicago Digital has an active presence in the Chicago development community, hosting and speaking at a variety of web events. Winners of numerous awards, they consistently create great web experiences for their customers while offering top level customer support. They are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner and even created a PageProofer specific plugin to help the Business Catalyst community (more on that later). 

What were you using to manage feedback before PageProofer? How was that working out?

The primary way we were getting feedback on websites from clients in the past was through Word documents. Feedback also comes in other forms, such as spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. This process was a problem for many reasons:

  1. Hard to hand off Project Management or QA responsibilities when clients are sending over feedback in several different ways
  2. Most of the time the client sent over written feedback we would have to hop on the phone with them to clarify what they meant in many of their requests
  3. The client didn’t have any visibility into the status of the issues they sent over. Google Spreadsheets were much better than the other ways items were sent over, however, a spreadsheet solution usually breaks down when a task requires back and forth (i.e. the task goes from open, to under review, to changes needed, back to under review, and so on… it becomes hard to keep track of the notes and provided detailed feedback)

How does using PageProofer make your job/projects easier?

PageProofer makes the process of receiving feedback more enjoyable and take less time. It also helps to reduce the number of rounds of back and forth in the revision process. PageProofer accomplishes these objectives by:

  • Providing a central place for receiving and reviewing feedback
  • Providing context to the comment so we no longer have to guess what a request like "Please make the blue box towards the bottom of the page a little bigger".
  • Providing detailed browser and system information making it easier for our developers to reproduce and troubleshoot the issue
  • Providing a task list so our team can keep track of the items submitted, in progress, completed, and close out. Reducing the amount of email back and forth with the client on what has been done and what is still being worked on due to the client having direct access to the dashboard with the tasks and statuses

What made you choose PageProofer?

At Chicago Digital, we have been using PageProofer for a really long time.

I am not sure if there were many options when we began the search for a better way to get feedback on our websites. We liked PageProofer for the simplicity and for the Basecamp integration.

How does PageProofer fit into your design and development processes?

After we complete the development process for a website, we enter the Quality Assurance (QA) stage. Here we undergo several internal QA tests to make sure everything is working properly and everything we had promised the client is delivered. At that point we send the client a link to the website on a temporary URL where the client can see exactly how their website is going to look and function. They then have the opportunity to submit a round of bugs and minor revisions requests using PageProofer.

Installing PageProofer is really simple, but is made even easier on Adobe Business Catalyst websites using the free PageProofer app available in the BC App Store (Mike's team built this out on their own and surprised us with an email one day about the launch on BC App Store).

“Making PageProofer a part of our process has made our project process easier to document and hand off. Projects are more enjoyable to work on, and it has improved our profitability on web projects. A simple tool can make a big difference!”
quote from Mike sallander Mike @ Antenna

PageProofer makes it simple to manage visual feedback.

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