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How does it werk?

It's simple, if you spot a problem or a bug on a web page just click the PageProofer icon (in the bottom right) to open PageProofer and then double click anywhere to leave a note. The note gets pinned to the element you clicked on. As you move around on the page the note sticks with the content you added it to. If the element moves so does the note. It works great on responsive websites. 

If you assign a note to someone they get a notification that something was added for them to take a look at. With the third party integrations notifications can even be sent to Asana, Basecamp, Jira or Slack (to name a few).

Point and click

To add a note simply click the icon in the bottom right corner and then double click (or tap) anywhere to add a note. If you want to attach a screenshot or file you can click the camera or attachment icon.


As notes get added to a page the indicator updates to notify users of issues on the page. When you click the icon you can see all the note markers that people have added. Click a marker to see the note. Go on, click the icon in the bottom right and try it out.

No guessing

In addition to the note and screenshots you can see all the details about the browser, screen size and device, right on the note. No more emails back and forth trying to figure out which browser an issue occurred in.

Cross Browser & Device Friendly

PageProofer was designed to work on any website, in any modern web browser, on any device. Try this page in different browsers at different sizes. Notes are attached to page elements. As an element moves on the page, the note will move with it. It's perfect for responsive websites.

"My web dev guys love your service - they call it a game changer"
Chenxi @ Twistlock
"PageProofer is awesome. Been looking for this for years. Great Work."
Daniel @ Kurt Noble Inc

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