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Embed Options

There are two ways you can use PageProofer on a website.

1. Embedding a javascript snippet

This is the best way to use PageProofer on a website. You (or your website administrator) need to add a little snippet of javascript (like the example below) to the footer of your website. Anyone you have added to your site in PageProofer will see the PageProofer icon when they visit your website and will be able to leave feedback. To get the embed code sign into PageProofer and click the 'Site Settings' option on the site to get the snippet.

2. Using the bookmarklet

This is the quickest way to use PageProofer when first setting up a site. Just drag the bookmarklet (below) to your browser's bookmark tool bar.


If you can't add the embed code to your website use the bookmarklet to start using PageProofer right away.

Anytime you visit a website that has been setup in PageProofer simply click the '' bookmark and PageProofer will get added to the page. If you decide to use this option and not use the embed method (above) each user you add to PageProofer will also need to add the bookmarklet to the browser(s) they use.

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