Getting Started

Getting Started

You just got invited to use PageProofer on a website and now you need to figure out how to use it. Good news! It's very easy.

PageProofer is an easy way to leave feedback, report bugs and track issues right on a website. It's like leaving sticky notes right on a website whenever you spot a problem.

Adding a note

This little animation shows how simple it is to leave a note in just three steps:

  1. Click the PageProofer in the corner of the website
  2. 2. Double click (or tap for touch devices) anywhere on the screen to add a note
  3. 3. Add your note details and click the save button.

Once your note is saved you can add another note or click the 'x' on the PageProofer toolbar to close PageProofer.

If you want to attach a screen shot click the camera icon on the note and PageProofer will automatically take a snapshot of the current browser page and it to the note (you will notice PageProofer closes and opens quickly to get out of the way while the screenshot is taken). To attach a file just click the paper clip icon and select a file to add.

To read an existing note just click on one of the note markers to open it. If you have something to add to the note click the 'add comment' box.

When you visit a page that has PageProofer on it you can quickly tell if there are notes by looking for the red note counter on the PageProofer button, just like your email inbox.

The Toolbar

The toolbar gives you a few options once you open PageProofer on a website. 

  • To add a new note click the '+' icon
  • To see all the notes on the page click the note counter and scroll through the list. Clicking on one of the note summaries will take you to the full note and open it on the page.
  • Click the grid icon to go to the PageProofer dashboard where you can see all the notes on a project board.
  • To minimize the toolbar (if you need to get it out of the way) click the arrow icon.
  • If you are done with PageProofer you can click the 'x' icon to close it.

The Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a centralized place to see all the notes, grouped by status. You can search for specific note and filter by user, page and priority. To progress a note you can drag and drop them between columns.

More questions?

We are always ready to help out if you need some extra assistance. You can chat with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom corner or you can email our support team.


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