Getting Started

Getting Started Guide

You just got invited to use PageProofer on a website and now you need to figure out how to use it. Good news! It's very easy.

PageProofer is an easy way to leave feedback, report bugs and track issues right on a website. It's like leaving sticky notes right on a website whenever you spot a problem.

The video below gives you a quick 5 minute walk through of PageProofer.

The Icon & Toolbar

When you visit a page that has PageProofer on it you will see the pencil icon in the corner of the website (normally the lower right corner). You can quickly tell if there are notes on the page if you see the red note indicator dot. To open PageProofer click the pencil icon. 

  1. Click the PageProofer pencil icon in the corner of the website
  2. Click (or tap for touch devices) anywhere on the screen to add a note
  3. Add your note details and click the save button.

Once the toolbar is open you have a few options (mouse over the toolbar below to see the hints).

  • To add a new note click the '+' icon.
  • To see all the notes on the page click the note counter.
  • To create a screen recording click the 'video' icon.
  • Click the grid icon to go to the dashboard where you can see all the notes on a project board.
  • If you are done with PageProofer you can click the 'x' icon to close it.

The Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a centralized place to see all the notes for a particular site. You can search for a specific note and filter by user, page and priority. You can drag and drop notes between columns to keep your tasks organized. Clicking on the note item will open the full note where you can read all the info, add additional comments or edit the note. You can also click on the 'Go to website' button on the note popup and it will take you directly to the website and exact place where the note was left. 

More questions?

We are always ready to help out if you need some extra assistance. You can chat with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom corner or you can email our support team.


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