I Can't Sign In

Some browsers have strict cookie policies that will prevent you from signing into the PageProofer overlay while on your website. This problem is very common in Safari (desktop and iOS) and Internet Explorer. Don't worry, there is an easy fix.

Safari OSX

Open the Safari preferences (Safari/Preferences) and click the Privacy tab. Change the 'cookies and website data' option to 'Allow from websites I visit'. Refresh your browser window to sign in.

Safari iOS

Open Settings/Safari and then select the 'Block Cookies' option. Change the selected option to 'Allow from Websites I Visit'. Go back to Safari and refresh the browser to sign in.

Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Options and click the Privacy Tab. Click the 'Advanced' button and select the 'Override automatic cookie handling' option. Pick the 'accept' option for both First-party cookies and 'Third-party cookies'. Click 'Ok' to save the changes and refresh the browser window to sign in.

If those methods do not work, or you are not able to change your cookie policies, you can go to https://app.pageproofer.com and sign in. After signing in return to your website and the PageProofer overlay will now be signed in.

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