A Pastel alternative for leaving visual feedback.

It's a showdown between visual feedback tools that begin with the letter 'P' 🥊.

All joking aside, let's see how PageProofer and Pastel compare and why you should consider PageProofer as an alternative to Pastel.

PageProofer Pastel
Easy to setup

Both tools are very easy to setup and start using.

Embeds directly on your website

You don't need to remember any extra urls, just visit your website and leave feedback.

Mobile friendly, works at any screen size

Mobile devices make up over 50% of internet traffic.

Supports guest feedback on your website

Allow site visitors to leave feedback while visiting your website.

Allows you to easily manage tasks

PageProofer has a project dashboard that allows your whole team to see all the tasks and easily manage them.

Add file attachments and screen shots to notes for future reference

Sometimes you need to share additional info when leaving feedback to help someone resolve an issue.

Integrations to 3rd party systems

Pastel makes you pay $100/month to get access to all their integrations

Keeps your information secure

Security risk Pastel uses proxies which pose a cross site scripting (XXS) risk.

Works on any website, regardless of where it is hosted.

Pastel only works on publicly available websites, not so great for collaborating with your team during website development.

Based in Canada

The true north strong and free.

We took everything we have learned over 20 years of working with creative agencies and development teams to make PageProofer the feedback tool you will love using. Learn more about what makes PageProofer so easy to use.