Roasted Lemons

Lemon Tips asked for a roast of their beta page on X so here we go. This is a condensed free roast focusing on one significant issue on their website, accessibility

Beta lemon tips scores

First Impressions

The website looks great. Nice bright colors. Easy to follow headline and copy that explains how easy it is to use Lemon Tips. I love the fact that you can generate a quiz right away without signing up for an account, zero barriers to entry!

Running a Lighthouse check of the website instantly pointed out a huge issue, a very low accessibility score. 

Beta lemon tips accessibility

Accessibility Issues

On the home page there are 18 accessibility errors. Thankfully all of these are easy fixes. 9 are simple label/content fixes. Buttons and links that do not have descriptive text within them. The quick fix is adding an 'aria-label' attribute to explain what the button/link does when the user clicks it.

Beta lemon tips contrast

Contrast errors

The other 9 issues are low contrast errors. There is not enough contrast between the foreground text color and background color to make the text easily readable for people with vision issues. The Colour Contrast Checker is a great tool for checking the combination of font size and text/background color for failing elements on your website.

If you are interested in the accessibility tools I use to validate sites, checkout WAVE.

The good 👍

  • Speed and performance
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO optimization

The bad 👎

  • Accessibility - a lot of issues to address

Overall Lemon Tips is great looking website. Easy to understand and navigate. Once your team gets the accessibility issues you will have a fantastic site that isn't sour like a 🍋.

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