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Case Study - Market 8

January 4

How does a growth optimization & UX design company use PageProofer to produce better results for their clients?

We asked Sandra Ghaoui at Market 8 how her team is using PageProofer. Here's a little background on Market 8. Sandra and her husband Eduardo Esparza founded their Growth Optimization and UX design company in 2010. They focus on maximizing the performance of web marketing with a single goal: "to turn websites into effective salespeople". With millions of dollars in additional business for their clients and multiple awards and industry recognition, Market 8 has certainly met that goal.

What were you using to manage feedback before PageProofer? How was that working out?

Before PageProofer we were using Google Sheets. Each row would represent an issue to fix. The columns had the initials of the person responsible for handling the task, the page url of the issue, and a description. Then we would move the task to a done section on the sheet when it was done.

But sometimes issues needed to be reviewed by someone else: this is when we would color code the rows. And sometimes we needed to attach a screenshot to better explain the issue, so we would take a screenshot and then reference it in the Google Sheet. It was addressing the problem of having one place to control all issues without versioning problems, but it took too much time to manage, both capturing a new issue and figuring out the overall status of the QA process.

What made you choose PageProofer?

It addressed exactly our pain points and seemed straight forward to implement and use. Being able to browse a page, click exactly on the area to fix and input a note, assign it to someone with a priority level is just amazing.

How does PageProofer fit into your design and development processes?

We use it for QA of the website. It is the last step of our design and dev process, and all our QA is based on it.

We use PageProofer both for our own website and for clients. Our clients love it. It makes the feedback process so much easier and saves a lot of back and forth time trying to understand what they mean and about what section exactly they are talking about. I even had a project with a large company where the global marketing person got back in touch with me after a few month asking how to get PageProofer because they were working on a site internally and the feedback process was such a pain.

How does using PageProofer make your job/projects easier?

It just extremely simplifies the internal QA and client feedback process.

“PageProofer made our QA and feedback process so much easier. It saves us a ton of time, and is very easy to use. Highly recommended.”
quote from Sandra ghaoui Sandra @ Market 8

PageProofer makes it simple to manage visual feedback.

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