Visual feedback tool for WordPress sites

May 7

WordPress is without a question the #1 most used CMS for websites. For the companies and agencies building all those websites PageProofer is the perfect visual feedback tool to help them build, review, release and update sites even faster. It's easy to add feedback, user friendly, and extremely helpful on busy web projects.

By collecting and managing feedback right on the WordPress site any confusion about what needs to be looked at, updated and fixed is removed. We created a short video to show you how to add PageProofer to any WordPress website in under 1 minute.

The great part about adding PageProofer to a website is how simple and yet powerful it is. In 60 seconds you can completely streamline your feedback and client review process. Easily capture feedback on the exact page and spot where a change is needed. Instantly notify developers and designers about changes that need to be made. Quickly see and manage all the issues and change requests that have been noted.

“Making PageProofer a part of our process has made our project process easier to document and hand off. Projects are more enjoyable to work on, and it has improved our profitability on web projects. A simple tool can make a big difference!”
quote from Mike sallander Mike @ Antenna

3 reasons your WordPress website needs a visual feedback tool like PageProofer:

  1. The website is being reviewed by an internal team and/or a client.
  2. Feedback from your team and clients gets lost in email, spreadsheets and project management software.
  3. You are looking for ways to make your development and review cycles more efficient and easier to manage.
“Certainly the best existing tool to get quick feedback on sites under development. I have been using PageProofer for 4 months now and we have saved a considerable amount of time in processing customer requests. This tool is functional, simple and fun for customers.”
quote from Lacroix guillaume Lacroix Guillaume @ Newp

Can it really help?

We interviewed GruffyGoat who specializes in WordPress development. They develop hundreds of WordPress sites every year. See what they have to say about how helpful PageProofer is in their website development process.

“I cannot imagine managing all of our project edits without PageProofer”
quote from Sydney cooke Sydney @ GruffyGoat

Checkout all the features that PageProofer has to offer. We have a free 15 day trial so you can see first hand how helpful it can be.

PageProofer makes it simple to manage visual feedback.

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