I don't see the PageProofer icon on my website

First, make sure you have added the embed code to the page on your website that you are looking at. Ideally the embed code is added to a footer element that is used on every page on your website. If you check the page's html source and don't see the embed snippet, sign into PageProofer, go to the 'Site Settings' page for the site you are working on and click the 'Get site embed code' panel to get the snippet. Add it to the website.


Second, if the embed snippet is on your website and you are still not seeing the PageProofer icon check the 'Site Settings' to see if the hide option has been checked. You have the option to hide the PageProofer icon so only authenticated users can see the icon, instead of all visitors to your site. This is handy for public facing websites where you only want approved users to give feedback.

If the option is unchecked, anyone visiting your website will see the PageProofer icon, but only authorized users will be able to sign in use the overlay. If the option is checked only users who have signed in at https://app.pageproofer.com" will see the PageProofer icon.

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