Site Domains

When setting up a site in PageProofer you need to define the domain(s) that PageProofer will be used on. Sometimes a website has more than one domain. For example a website under development may have a local development domain, a staging domain and a live production domain. You may want to collect all the feedback for that website under a single PageProofer site.

To do that simply enter the domains that you wish to use PageProofer on for that particular site. 

Multiple domains

If you are using a single PageProofer site across multiple subdomains it may be easier to use a wildcard for domain matching. A wildcard can be any domain value with an '*' in it (ie * or site-* Wildcard domains are only used for matching when used with the embed script on a website. They are not valid when using PageProofer browser extensions. 

If you are using a PageProofer browser extension instead of the javascript embed code, be cautious when defining site domains. When visiting a website, the browser extension will check your defined PageProofer sites and select the first match, based on domain name. If you have multiple sites sharing the same domain PageProofer won't be able to determine the correct one to select. We recommend using the javascript embed code whenever possible to guarantee the right PageProofer site is used.

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