Hey Alexa ...

Cheesy lead in, I know. Alexa from Life Unfiltered with Alexa requested a roast on X so here it is ... an unfiltered, rapid fire roasting.

Alexa homepage

First impression 😐

Uggh, the dreaded screen takeover. It's a killer for site visitors. Before I can learn anything about you or your podcast I'm being asked to subscribe to your newsletter. The same ask is already in the hero area and not as invasive. I would suggest ditching the pop over. 

Once the popover goes away the main landing area looks great. Nice color theme, clean and simple. The logo could be an SVG to make it sharper and more legible.

Alexa podcast

Embedded podcast 👌

I love this. Keep the user engaged on your website and give them a taste of what they can look forward to by subscribing. The darker background helps this section standout from the surrounding areas, perfect! This whole section looks really good on mobile to. Nice work.

Alexa scores

Performance 🐢

The good news ... there is a lot of room for improvement, especially on the performance side. The biggest speed killer is images. Talk to your website developer and see if they can implement some lazy loading for the images. It's going to have a massive impact on the speed and responsiveness of your website. It would also be a good idea to look at modern image formats like webm to help reduce overall image size. 

Alexa accessibility

Accessibility 😬

Your site has a lot of accessibility issues. For anyone depending on adaptive technologies like screen readers this will be a big issue. You could be open to litigation by not addressing those issues and making your website as accessible as possible. Checkout this roast of Lemon.tips where I dive into the accessibility issues. The good news, these are easy fixes. 

The good 👍

  • Site design/theme and colors
  • Instagram feed
  • Embedded podcast
  • Content

The bad 👎

  • Site performance is slow
  • Accessibility needs addressing
  • Image quality could be improved
  • Sharper logo

As a whole you have a good website. The content is good, the theme looks great. Ditch the popover on page load, make some adjustments to fix the image quality/size issues, add in some accessibility clean up and you have a really solid platform to build your brand on. 

Does your website need to

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