Is your website under performing?
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Get a website audit from an industry expert (no AI) to improve your website's speed, accessibility and SEO performance.

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Why should I get my website roasted?

For small to medium size organizations, with limited budgets, web testing and auditing is often never done. Unfortunately, your under performing website is the thing that could be costing your business thousands of dollars.

  • Is your website experiencing any of these issues?
  • 💸 Lots of traffic but it hardly converts to sales
  • ⏱️ Your pages have very low engagement times
  • 🐢 The website takes a long time to load
  • 👓 Complaints about elements not being accessible
  • 🔍 You don't see much traffic from Google

Your under performing website could be driving traffic away and directly to your competitors. Our unbiased and honest audit of your website will point out areas for improvement, elements that need immediate attention, and things that can be tweaked to boost your overall site performance.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is exactly what is needed to spot issues that have gone undetected. With 20 years of experience and a suite of testing tools, we can identify problem areas on your website. 

Get Roasted $199

“Brilliant, thanks, really impressive service!”
quote from Ben lambert Ben @ Neptik
“Thank you very much for your supreme assistance!”
quote from Alex sitnik Alex @ Sitnik
“Getting more than one set of eyes on a project is so simple!”
quote from Anna izard Anna @ Lever Gear

What do you get?

Your roast is a 15-20 minute private, personalized video and a report detailing what we find and how to fix it. We do a comprehensive, unbiased roast and audit of your website on desktop and mobile devices. You will get practical, step by step insights to improve your website.


Could your website perform better?

We will identify slow areas and bottlenecks on your website that can be fixed to boost performance and speed up load times.


Does your design need a little attention?

We will evaluate your design, copy and images to make suggestions on tweaks that can help boost your site engagement and correct any accessibility issues.


Is your website optimized for search engines?

We will audit your website to uncover opportunities to rank higher and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Watch some recent roasts 🍿

“This is so impressive. Really appreciate the overall feedback and the detailed suggestions on how to fix our Accessibility issues on the Lemon Desktop version. If you need a profound accessibility feedback on your products, go and check Pageproofer.”
quote from Denny portillo Denny @ Lemon Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have?

Let me introduce myself ... I'm Derrick, the founder of PageProofer. For the past 20 years I have developed hundreds of websites including numerous websites for leading brands like ABC, Chobani, Fedex, and Logitech. Been there, done that, and you get the benefit of that experience.

My website isn't live yet. Can you still roast it?

Absolutely. Book a roast and we can discuss the best way to get access to your pre-launch website.

Can you roast my website if it's not in English

Sure. The technical bits don't care about which language the website is presented in. We can use Google Translate to get a good understanding of your website messaging and copy. The roast video and report will be in English.

Is my roast private?

Yes ... unless you choose to share it. You do have the option to have a public roasting and save 25% off the roast price. Your full video and report will be available to the public. You will also get a link back to your website.

How much does a roast cost?

$250 per page. This is a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional website audit. Why is it less? Because we love supporting businesses building an online presence.

Can you fix my website if it has issues?

Absolutely, that is something we can discuss and scope out. The cost for implementing fixes is not included in the roast charge.